The Church

From an architectural point of view, the Church of San Raimondo al Refugio is an exemplary testimony of the scenographic urban planning concept promoted in Rome.

The construction of the building was started in 1601 on the initiative of Aurelio Chigi and was completed with the marble facade by 1660 by the architect Benedetto Giovanelli.

From an artistic point of view, inside we find a cross-section of Sienese pictorial culture with the works of Alessandro Casolani, Ventura Salimbeni, Francesco Vanni and Rutilio Manetti. In addition to the church spaces, the adjoining rooms of the Foundation and its collection can be visited, which houses important works such as the Assumption by Domenico di Bartolo, the Saint Catherine of Alessandria by Jacopo della Quercia and a bas-relief depicting the Madonna with Child by Lorenzo di Mariano known as Marrina.